Can you see the path?

Can you see the path? Or are you looking at the way the storm clouds seem to be closing in? Or the obstacles of steepness and overgrowth in order to get to the beach? Ok it’s not a perfect analogy but is a reminder that there will be a way. It might be steep. It might mean making a new path. The storm might come. You might not feel prepared. But you can keep going. Our greatest strengths are honed from our tough experiences when we have the opportunity to defy our own self limiting expectations and negative self stories. You know this. You can keep going. Reach out to another person and ask them if they will walk with you for a while. Look after each other and be kind because one day you will tell this story to your children or grandchildren or someone who cares for you – what will you do today that you will be proud to tell tomorrow?

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